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Our NAC solution can be tailored to meet your requirements:

Requirements in terms of network access control (NAC) vary from industry to industry, and are often very specific. ARP-GUARD NAC employs cross-industry expertise in healthcare, industry, research, commerce, finance, education and the authorities. The flexibility, architecture and operating principles offered by the security solution make it the ideal tool for critical infrastructures when it comes to reliable network access protection. It reliably meets the security requirements for the standards ISO 27001 and DIN EN 80001-1, PCI/DSS and has been certified on the basis of IT-Grundschutz, a sound and sustainable management system for information security.

Security for medical networks

Information technology is a valuable tool in the healthcare industry, with uses ranging from documenting treatments to accessing medical information and images at the click of a button. Merging medical technology (MT) with non-medical technology (IT) to form a medical IT network (MIT) can make a significant impact on improvements to the quality of care. However, this connectivity isn’t without its issues. Particularly due to the fact that IT and MT pursue contradictory objectives. Medical technology is designed to achieve availability and security, whereas IT networks are primarily required to cover the high requirements in terms of functionality.

The benefits of ARP-GUARD NAC for medical IT networks
  • Monitoring, oversight and control of MT and IT systems
  • Network access protection for the entire hospital network, incl. across locations
  • Internet access for guests/patients
  • Protection of patient information with flexible and secure access only granted to authorized systems
  • Real-time documentation of all accesses to the hospital network
  • Support for ISO 27001, BSI standard for IT security management, KTQ/DIN EN 8000 certifications

ARP-GUARD NAC protects the authorities and administrative networks

The establishment of a functioning IT security management system is a mandatory aspect of information security for the public authorities. A key component to this is setting up baseline security as defined by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in order to reliably safeguard IT systems against digital attacks. As a network access control system, ARP-GUARD NAC makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of the standards found in the catalogue of measures issued by the BSI to ensure IT security for public authorities. It prevents insecure and unauthorized systems from accessing the network.

The benefits of ARP-GUARD NAC for the authorities and administrative networks
  • Policy implementation across the entire network
  • Network integrity up to the endpoint device
  • Network access only granted to authorized devices
  • Temporary internet access for visitors
  • Protection of sensitive personal data in compliance with the GDPR
  • Support with the implementation of ISO/IEC 27001, DIN EN 8001-1, PCI/DDS

Access protection for IT systems operated by banks and financial service providers

Banks and financial service providers are subject to an extensive range of strict regulatory and legal requirements related to the secure use of information technology. This industry in particular is currently witnessing an increased number of threats from cyber criminality. Banks and savings banks are required to implement active IT security management to maintain and guarantee secure processes.

The benefits of ARP-GUARD NAC for the finance sector
  • Control and monitoring of all network accesses
  • Network access reserved for trusted and authorized devices
  • Network segmentation to protect sensitive areas
  • Safeguards sensitive customer information against unauthorized access
  • Support with the implementation of minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) issued by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
  • Support with certification according to ISO 27001 and BSI standards

Secure access for research and education institutions

Research and education institutions are subject to a range of requirements in terms of network access control. The use of various systems and mobile devices in addition to the constant availability of services for a wide range of different user groups poses a special challenge for the network infrastructure. Free access to the internet needs to be guaranteed while ensuring direct, controlled access to the internal network.

The benefits of ARP-GUARD NAC for the research and education sector
  • Complete overview and control of all devices located within the network
  • Network segmentation to protect sensitive internal data and areas
  • Access rights based on time, user and device
  • Automatic VLAN assignment for trusted devices
  • Attractive industry-standard licensing

Access control in the Industry 4.0 era

With an interconnected IT world that now extends to manufacturing systems, Industry 4.0 marks a new era for the world of industry. By abolishing the dividing line between IT and manufacturing, machines are now able to communicate with connected ICT systems. While this offers a multitude of advantages, the merging of two worlds does come with a whole host of challenges in terms of IT security. ARP-GUARD provides oversight for IT and manufacturing interfaces, enabling them to be controlled according to your requirements.

The benefits of ARP-GUARD NAC for the manufacturing sector
  • Automatic capture of the network infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of manufacturing technology
  • Access control: LAN/WiFi network integrity up to endpoint devices
  • Dedicated access for maintenance technicians and service providers
  • Central and easy definition, management and implementation of policies
  • ISO/IEC 27001, DIN EN 80001-1, PCI/DDS support