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"The original meaning of 'whole' is healthy, unhurt and complete. In this sense, the wholeness of something can be viewed as the systematic completeness of its parts, as well as the entirety of its characteristics and relationships to each other. Viewing and treating a topic (...) in its completeness implies a comprehensive, far-sighted and very forward-looking consideration of as many aspects and correlations as possible."

>Source(quote: Ganzheitlichkeit als Art der Betrachtung (Wholeness as a Method of Viewing)<

1999: ISL GmbH was founded with its sights firmly set on the future and a commitment to the concept of wholeness.

A clear objective had been defined: The whole IT network functionality should be protected from attack. With the development of the unique IT security solution, ARP-GUARD, we have been able fulfil our promise of full network availability.

To this day, ISL remains true to its ideals.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the IT security solution sector and led by the idea of innovative and dynamic growth, the security solution from ISL GmbH has been successfully deployed since the founding of the company. What's important to you, the customer, will be important to ISL in the future too. The flexibility of our IT security solution means we are able to look into new requests suggested by you.


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