What inspires us?
Sharing success!

Numerous customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are benefiting from our ARP-GUARD IT security solution. Sharing success is our motivation. A productive interplay of outstanding commercial and technical collaboration, as well as exceptional commitment and continued further development are the key to this success. Only in this way do we feel justified in speaking about good work done and satisfied customers.

Success Stories

"Excellent support from the partner and manufacturer is always the main deciding factor in any IT project. That's why we intensively tested the ISL helpline during the proof-of-concept phase - and we were impressed with the results. Technical staff were available at all times to give us the information we needed. All requested further developments were effectively and reliably implemented. This high level of customer proximity convinced us," explains Tom Eiermann, System Administrator at Kurtz Holding.

"The seamless integration in Germany was soon followed by the integration of three sites in Asia and one in the USA. As of June 2012, all subsidiaries were connected to the network," reports Markus Trapp, Account Manager at Controlware

"ARP-GUARD guarantees mixed operation of SNMP and RADIUS. The solution provides and uses an additional authentication factor comparable to the human fingerprint. This means there's no need to set up a PKI, as is the case with 802.1X. The NAC solution from ISL provides high security at low cost," emphasises Mr. Fischer, System Administrator at Terex.

"After an intensive evaluation phase in collaboration with the Swiss IT security specialist, Omicron AG, who were our project and implementation partner, we unanimously agreed on the thought-out ARP-GUARD solution from the German company ISL GmbH.""The implementation and go-live of ARP-GUARD is quick and easy," adds a satisfied Peter Kunimünch from Bell.

"ARP-GUARD doesn't just replace existing functions. Compared to the old software, it also provides significantly more added value such as multi-tenancy and role systems, flexible design of rules and VLAN management," explains Mirco Jakuszeit from GORDION Data Systems Technology GmbH.

"Following in-depth testing and an extensive feature comparison of the widest diversity of solutions, we opted for ARP-GUARD," explains Martin Barwe, DOKOM21 Project Manager

"A significant contribution has been made to protecting network infrastructure and connected systems. Other security interests, such as ensuring know-how doesn't end up in the wrong hands or protecting against unknown computers possibly infected with viruses and malware, are well served.” Mercedes-AMG GmbH