Reliability has top priority!

Regardless of company size or sector, we have taken it upon ourselves to control and safeguard corporate networks. Fight back against growing complexity by implementing our solution to reduce the vulnerability and complexity of your IT network. 

ARP-GUARD reliably complies with the security requirements of ISO 27001, DIN EN 80001-1 and PCI/DSS, and provides BSI IT baseline protection. Of vital importance is the ability to flexibly and reliably protect IT networks of all kinds. We guarantee to support you without making any major changes to the existing environment. 

The deployment of our solution in a diversity of sectors illustrates our capability: The flexibility, architecture and functionality of the ARP-GUARD security solution make it ideally suited to the finance, commerce, healthcare, industry, education, public and research sectors. Our vast knowledge of the sectors we work in gives you important added value – we make it our business to understand your needs.

Benefit from our know-how of your business. Below is an overview of the typical challenges faced by different sectors: 

The highest levels of information security exist in the finance sector, for example. Virtually every business process is IT-supported and heavily dependent on the 24/7 availability of increasingly complex systems. The credit card industry is currently specifying the mandatory accreditation measures for version 3.0 of the PCI standard. Here too, ARP-GUARD is able to deliver on the requirements.  

Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare. In-patient care, in particular, depends on systems which record, process and manage data. The integration and cross-system process support is only feasible and financially viable if the IT systems and medical devices (MDs) are interconnected. Interconnecting the worlds not only presents immense possibilities and opportunities for medical information processing, it also harbours risks. Besides the business-critical implications, serious consideration must be given to the effect it might have on patient health. Network access control is an essential component of a functioning network structure in modern healthcare. ARP-GUARD reliably implements the current versions of ISO 27001 and DIN EN 80001-1 in customer projects.  

In industry, where the interconnected IT world has now moved into production systems, a new era is dawning with Industry 4.0. By eliminating the division between IT and production, machines can communicate with the surrounding ITT systems to order their own spare parts, for example. 

As always, when two worlds meet, controlled collaboration is of fundamental importance. ARP-GUARD keeps the IT and production interfaces under surveillance and manages each according to your rules.

The most varying requirements in terms of network access control also exist in the education sector. The large diversity of systems and mobile devices as well as the 24/7 availability of services pose a major challenge to the network infrastructure. Open internet access as well as direct, controlled access to the internal network must be guaranteed. Nowhere else do data protection, privacy rights and the right to information come so close to each other as in education. ARP-GUARD can use BYOD, time, user and device-based access rules to implement control systems for flexible network access. We're happy to show you our references.   

Now that public authorities are obliged to ensure the information they hold is secure, a functioning IT security management system is mandatory. The implementation of BSI IT baseline protection in IT systems is an important and reliable tool in the fight against digital crime. BSI Standards 100-1 to 100-4 recommend methods, processes, procedures and measures to ensure the IT security of public authorities is not compromised.

ARP-GUARD makes a valuable contribution to fulfilling the BSI's infrastructural recommendations.