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SECUDOS is an innovative and rapidly expanding appliance technology and services provider focused on IT security and compliance. As a specialist in appliance technologies, its roots date back to 1996. SECUDOS is one of the pioneers in the IT appliance environment. As a quality leader, SECUDOS combines solutions from selected software providers with the highest quality appliance hardware in their products. The many years of experience and the unrestricted focus on the appliance business have made SECUDOS a leading technology partner for many software companies in the IT security and compliance software environment. SECUDOS reduces complexity in IT projects with specialized appliances and easy-to-use technologies. By offering special service and support concepts, some of which include replacement devices for immediate on-site replacement, SECUDOS also enables smaller system houses to manage projects with global requirements from one location. SECUDOS supports the system houses with worldwide logistics. The company is headquartered in Kamen. SECUDOS has also operated a branch in Singapore since 2007.

Contact details

Südfeld 9C
D-59174 Kamen

Phone: +49 2307 28 50 53 30
Fax: +49 2307 28 50 53 31