Dr. Andreas Rieke was already interested in "security in fast networks" when he obtained his doctorate from the FernUniversität (distance learning university), Hagen. Afterwards, at the beginning of 1999, he founded ISL, with the intention of putting into practice the theoretical knowledge he had acquired during his studies. The result – which already materialized in 2003 – was ARP-GUARD, a solution specifically aimed at protecting against unauthorised hardware and internal attacks.
Executive associate: Dr.-Ing Andreas Rieke
Contact details: Telephone: +49 2335 96756-0, Email: info(at)isl.de
CV: Born 15.12.1965 in Herford, married with 2 children and living in Bochum
1998 PhD in Communication Systems from the FernUniversität, Hagen
1999 Founded ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH, executive associate of ISL GmbH
2004 unsalaried commercial judge at the Hagen district court

The ARP-GUARD solution is exclusively marketed by certified partners. Over and above that, partners and end users are equally supported by ISL Sales. In collaboration with our partners, we identify customers' requirements and create the individual service offerings. Duties also include drawing up an agreement specifying the terms and services. Supplementary to this, training is provided for external and internal sales staff, and presentations and exhibitions are organised and staged.
Contact details: Telephone: +49 2335 96756-31 Email: sales(at)isl.de
Manager: Jörg Finck  
CV: Born 10.03.1966 in Oberhausen, married and living in Kempen
1989 Start of IT career as technical service engineer. Worked, amongst others, for Novell Deutschland GmbH as a system engineer
2000 Moved into sales; various posts in Germany and Austria as partner account, account and key account manager
2012 Sales manager at ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH

Our internal sales staff are responsible for a wide spectrum of duties. They range from order processing, invoicing, crediting, customer telephone service, master data entry in CRM/sales systems, through to process and procedure control, complaints management, license generation, SLA extensions, partner project news, hardware orders and the provision of access to customer centres / partner areas.
Contact details: Telephone: +49 2335 96756-30 Email: operations(at)isl.de
Manager: Marion Rieke 
CV: Born 09.08.1966 in Bochum, married with 2 children and living in Bochum

2011 ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH

2014 Operations and Inbound Sales

2018 Operations and Inbound Sales Manager

Marketing, design, corporate communication, development of advertising platforms and publicity campaigns. Provides partners with support during collaborations. Responsible for design of all media, R&D, production and provision of corporate media. Project scheduling and implementation; event planning and participation; trade fair media and PR.
Contact details: Telephone: +49 2335 96756-32 Email: marketing(at)isl.de, presse(at)isl.de
Manager: Anja Schmermbeck

Our technical department is geared towards providing our certified partners with fast and goal-directed support. For this purpose, our support team can be contacted Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. End users should first report any queries to their sales partner. If the ISL partner is unable to find a solution, or the software needs to be modified, the ISL GmbH support team is at hand to assist the partner. In this way, we ensure knowledge transfer to and transparent communication with our partners.
Contact details: Telephone: +49 2335 96756-40 Email: support(at)isl.de
Manager: Anton Grigo

ISL has been developing the ARP-GUARD solution exclusively in Germany since the company was founded in 1999. Our software development focuses on add-ons and enhancements for network access control. This is the source of all our ideas for ARP-GUARD. We welcome any suggestions or comments from you as to how to improve ARP-GUARD and its add-ons.
Contact details: Telephone: +49 2335 96756-40 Email: development(at)isl.de
Manager: Konstantin Thermann, graduate engineer and computer scientist 
CV: Born 25.01.1973 in St. Petersburg, married with 3 children and living in Wuppertal
1996 MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering
1999 MSc degree in Computer Science
1999 R&D manager at ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH