Software modules


ARP-GUARD immediately detects and locates new devices in the network. If it doesn't recognise a device, ARP-GUARD generates an alarm and triggers user-defined countermeasures. The integrated address management provides a comprehensive overview of all addresses and assignments in the network; inventories can be easily kept up-to-date.

Here a brief overview:

RADIUS/ 802.lX / EAP with / without certificates, MAC based RADIUS, MAC authentication, Central port security, User-defined policies.

ARP-GUARD Access+:

ARP-GUARD Access+ contains all the features of ARP-GUARD Access. In addition, it allows the dynamic configuration of VLANs on switch ports which makes ARP-GUARD Access+ a favourably-priced alternative to 802.1X. Authorizations for particularly sensitive areas are not granted until strong authentication has been completed.

This module includes our unique cryptographic fingerprinting as well as a guest ticket system with self registration.

Here a brief overview:

Includes Access, dynamic and static VLAN mapping, segmentation of production areas, guest ticket system with self registration, cryptographic fingerprinting.

ARP-GUARD Finance:

ARP-GUARD Finance is the ideal solution for companies who, as a matter of principle, do not want to allow the use of foreign devices and who are seeking reliable protection from internal attacks. The ARP-GUARD Finance module contains Access. This module includes cryptographic fingerprinting and also a guest ticket system with self registration

Here a brief overview:

Includes Access+, protection against Layer 2 attacks, protection against foreign and unknown devices, cryptographic fingerprinting, guest ticket system with self registration.


ARP-GUARD Premium:

ARP-GUARD Premium unites the functions of Access+ and Finance to provide full protection against internal attacks and prevent connection of unauthorized devices.

Here a brief overview:

Includes Access+, VLAN management, cryptographic fingerprinting, protection against layer 2 attacks, guest ticket system with self registration.