Physical Appliance

The long-standing partnership between SECUDOS and ISL has resulted in purpose-built appliances for ARP-GUARD - bundles comprising field-proven hardware from SECUDOS and the ARP-GUARD software from ISL. These appliances are shipped with ARP-GUARD software pre-installed which means they can be put into operation more quickly. No installation work (operating system, drivers, etc.) is required. Integrated SDR technology from SECUDOS is used. The entire configuration occurs via the supplied DOMOS operating system. It has an easy to operate graphical user interface and makes commissioning possible within ten to fifteen minutes. To meet your availability requirements, two machines can be operated in one cluster.

Virtual Appliance

The virtual ARP-GUARD appliance (AG-VIRT) was developed in collaboration with our technology partner, SECUDOS. The virtual appliance is based on the DOMOS4 operating system and is shipped with a pre-installed instance of ARP-GUARD. Commissioning takes place intuitively via a graphical user interface and takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. A 64-bit version of the virtual ARP-GUARD appliance supporting VMware, Hyper-V and KVM is available. To meet your availability requirements, two virtual appliances can be deployed in a cluster.